Jass Bajwa Says Just Like Shree Brar, My Song Was Declared Controversial Too

In a recent interview at the Farmer’s Protest, singer Jass Bajwa talked about his personal experience. When asked about Shree Brar’s arrest in Patiala, Bajwa said he was too called to the Police Station regarding one of his songs. The police stated that he has talked about Beant Singh in his song and the song is related to 1984 riots. He later said, if the government and the officials have a problem with such kind of songs, then the first thing they need to do is to release an official policy or rule stating the same, have a conversation with the artist so that we know what we ‘re not allowed to sing. And secondly he also said if our songs were controversial then why did it take them so long to realize it?

Kisan Anthem Removed From Youtube

As he and Shree Brar both were accused of the same after a month of their song’s release. And  if songs like theirs aren’t allowed then the government should have noticed other songs too, as there will be at least 10 thousand or more Punjabi songs like them. Jass Bajwa also said that he strongly believes all this is being done because Shree was connected to the viral song Kisaan Anthem, which was previously deleted by BJP.  And he thinks more artists will be targeted by the government in the coming time. 

Before Jass Bajwa, popular artists like Babbu Maan and Ranjit Bawa has took a stand for Shree brar’s arrest. 

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