Jassie Gill Goes Down The Memory Lane, Shares Old Video Of His College Times

Jassie Gill has recently uploaded a post on his Instagram account that is sure to take everyone down the memory lane. The clip shows him performing on stage during his college times. The singer can be heard singing the song ‘Sadde Vangu Tu Vi Kalla Roeya Krenga’ live.


Captioning the post ‘Feeling Nostalgic’ Jassie expressed his emotions through the post. Every artist has gone through years and years of long struggles to finally be where they are today. The most beautiful thing about the past is, even if it changes, it always keeps you reminding where you have come today.

The artist received blessings from other Punjabi celebrities in the comments. While some blessed Jassie for having come such a long way from college times to one of the biggest Punjabi singers, some of them applauded Jassie for being as melodious at that time as he is today.

The clip is sure to hit everyone with nostalgia. One way or the other, each one of us is struggling in our lives to make them better every day. And clips like these serve as the perfect motivation for us, if Jassie could become such a big name with his hard work, so can we. 

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