Jaswinder Bhalla Is Ready To Rock With Chhankata Once Again

Nobody is over the superhit “Chhankata series” by Jaswinder Bhalla

Jaswinder Bhalla has always entertained his fans more than expected with every new release of Chhankata. And we are glad to let you know that Jaswinder Bhalla is coming back soon with another upcoming “Chhankata”

As per reports, Jaswinder Bhalla is in talks with Smeep Kang and together they are designing the upcoming season of Chhankata. The duo is also working together in the Punjabi comedy web series “Ki Banu Puniya Da” which will be released on an unrevealed OTT Platform. 

Both these projects are super exciting and we are eagerly waiting for them to release soon.

While “Ki Banu Puniya Da” will have Babbal Rai and Jaswinder Bhalla in the lead roles; the same characters will be repeated in the upcoming season of Chhankata with different plots.  The last season of Chhankata was released in 2008. It will be after more than 12 years when the new season will be dropped.

Chhankata is the result of the continuous hard work and dedication of Jaswinder Bhalla, as his song Pukhraj also says, “Dad used to immediately start working for the new season of Chhankata after the release of one.” From the time when it was released as an audio cassette, to the time it was upgraded in the form of an audio-video project, Chhankata is ruling the industry and the market like a royal king.

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