Jayy Randhawa starrer ‘Medal’ is now streaming on OTT platform Chaupal

A stellar movie that hit the screens in June 2023, and left the audience spellbound is now streaming on the biggest Punjabi OTT platform, Chaupal. With an amazing star cast that includes, Jayy Randhawa, and Baani Sandhu this movie was a hit among Punjabis residing in India and abroad. 

Directed by the ace director Maneesh Bhatt, this action-packed movie created a roar when it was released leaving the audience awestruck by the performance of the actors and the storyline. The movie revolves around the journey of Rajvir, played by Jayy Randhawa, an aspiring young athlete who has a dream of winning a gold medal. But unfortunately, life throws him challenges and unexpected turns that test his resilience, determination, and willpower. The film goes on to show how his life took a 180-degree turn after a few incidents. 

This action thriller movie will take you on Rajvir’s journey, where you can feel every emotion portrayed by the actor. The movie also shows you this beautiful love story between Rajvir and Rupinder, played by Baani Sandhu and their romance makes the movie more wholesome. 

This highly-rated movie created a storm at the box office when it was released. This was by far Jayy Randhawa’s most acclaimed movie. The talented actor has also done some fabulous films in the past like Chobbar (2022), Teeja Punjab (2021), and Shooter (2022) just to name a few. The actor who is also a famed Punjabi singer has seen a successful career as both- a musician and an actor. This goes on to show his popularity among the Punjabi masses, especially the youth. And this is just the start for him. 

Our Punjabi cinema is known for films that are regional and yet global in the way the audience connects with these films and Medal is one such film. Medal has all the ingredients that made this movie a hit at the box office. It is worth the watch and will not only leave you thoroughly entertained but also inspired. This movie is for anyone and everyone who hasn’t watched it in theatres and wants to watch it now- as it’s available on your very own Punjabi OTT platform Chaupal. 

On the release of Medal on Chaupal, Nitin Gupta, Chief Content Officer, Chaupal remarked that “We as a platform are aiming towards bringing world-class Punjabi entertainment on Chaupal for the viewers to watch if they missed it watching on the silver screen. We strive towards bringing you the latest Punjabi content to watch with your family and friends in the comfort of your homes.” 

Chaupal is a one-stop destination for all your latest and popular web series and films in three languages: Punjabi, Haryanvi, and Bhojpuri. Some of the newest content includes Shikari, Kalli Jotta, Carry on Jatta 3, Outlaw, Panchi, and many more. Chaupal is your ultimate entertainment app as it is ads-free, can watch offline, can create multiple profiles, seamless streaming, worldwide/travel plans, and continuous unlimited entertainment all year round.

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