Jaz Dhami And Desi Frenzy Motivating British Asians About Mental Health By The Song ‘Keep Moving’

Jaz Dhami is a popular and well known British-Indian singer, music composer and
producer too. He is currently in the news because of his latest track with music
producer DesiFrenzy. The song is called ‘Keep Moving’ and just like it’s name the
song is a motivation for us all. Basically the artists have tried to encourage the
British Asians to open up and speak about their mental health issues. Singer Jaz
Dhami said he had suffered from Anxiety and the demise of his close friend due to
the same made him realize that people need to speak up about their feelings.

By their song, ‘Keep Moving’ both Jaz Dhami and DesiFrenzy want to bring
awareness in the society, so that people believe that it’s okay to have mental
issues and talk about them. After all it is curable but if you don’t talk about it and
keep your feelings to yourself then probably you’ll fall in the trap.

Their song is doing great and people are loving the emotional track so much. The
melodious track has won many hearts with it’s beautiful lyrics already. If you
haven’t listened to it yet, here is the link for it;

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