Jazzy B Comes Out In Support Of Lakha Sidhana & Deep Sidhu. Says It’s Time To Stay United

Article By : Sant Singh Sethi

Legendary Jazzy B came live on his instagram handle to show his solidarity towards farmer’s protest. Criticising the government, he said “It really saddens my heart to see how the government is trying to put down the protest, are the farm laws so important?” 

Coming out in support of Lakha Sidhana and Deep Sidhu, Jazzy has asked that “It was very sad to see slogans being raised against Lakha and Deep. They have contributed in their best interest to the protest. They have always stood for the cause and we should not belittle their efforts. It is in the best interest only to be united as the Govt. will only try to divide” 


Jazzy also appealed to the punjab police to come out in the protection of the people sitting on protest. He said “Punjab police personnels must also come out in support to the farmers and protect our elders. They must do this in their individual capacity without worrying about their jobs” 

Calling everyone to stay united in the protest he has humbly requested every one to refrain from blaming any person as this will only weaken us. “Let’s not blame anyone, that this person is good or that person is bad, we are all in this together and we have to stay together. The govt will try every way possible to divide us and make it a religious matter. It is not for any religion it is for humanity” 

Article By : Sant Singh Sethi

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