Jede Lahore Fuddu, O Pishore V Fuddu: Real Video Behind Moosewala’s Scapegoat Famous Line

Sidhu Moosewala who has always maintained himself amid discussions and headlines, is again in the limelight, and this time for his recently released song, Scapegoat. This song has not only shaken the industry but has also earned criticism from AAP MLAs. 

Sidhu has used the song to express his feelings, reply back to haters and the people who laughed at him when he lost in the assembly elections. He also took a dig at Garry Sandhu and NseeB for trolling his defeat in the elections. All these are the aftereffects of the song which is grabbing attention of all, but the content of the song itself, is also super attractive. 

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Like, when the track ends, you must have noticed a phrase, ‘Jehde Lahore Fuddu, Oh Pishore Vi Fuddu’. This concluding part of the song is going super viral and the people are liking it the most. But do you know about the actual origin of it? That audio has actually been extracted from a viral video of a politician who during a media interaction said these words. 

He addressed a political issue by using this popular Punjabi phrase, and its audio has been used in Sidhu Moosewala’s latest track Scapegoat. You can check out the original video here,

This old video of the politician is now again going viral and people are recognising it as a part of Moosewala’s new track. This is not the first time Sidhu has used creative ways to enhance his track’s uniqueness, oftentimes, he has used audio notes, voiceovers for intros and chunks of popular interviews in his songs.

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