Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da: Jimmy Shergill & Isha Rikhi Paired For New Movie

To entertain the fans of Punjabi Cinema, the industry has started working on a special and all-new project. Yes, a new Punjabi movie has been announced titled, ‘Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da’. And this upcoming movie is bringing together Jimmy Shergill and Isha Rikhi for the first time. 

While Jimmy Shergill is one of the highly appreciated actors in the Indian Film Industry, Isha Rikhi too has earned a good fan base on social media. And now, they have been paired in the leading roles for the upcoming Punjabi movie Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da. 

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Isha Rikhi recently updated her gram feed with a picture in which she is seen posing with the clapboard of the film. 


Now coming to the credits of the film, Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da is directed by Tarnvir Singh. He also shared a close-up shot of the film’s clapboard on his Instagram account to officially announce the film. 

In the caption, Tarnvir updated that the shooting schedule of the film in Punjab has been wrapped up. Also, he promised the fans that more details about the project will be out soon. 

For now, no information about the supporting cast, writer and more is out in the public eye. Also, the film’s release date has not been confirmed yet, but the director’s Instagram post has promised a 2023 release of Ucha Dar Babe Nanak Da. 

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Let us now wait for the film’s team to soon release more details to serve the audience. Nothing concrete can be yet said about the film’s plot too, so let’s patiently wait for the makers to release the storyline in a teaser & trailer.

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