Jind Mahi Review: A Beautiful Story Wasted!!!

StarcastSonam Bajwa, Ajay Sarkaria, Rajdip Shoker, Baninder Bunny, Gurnam Bhullar
DirectorSameer Pannu
Kiddaan Rating

The Punjabi film Industry has released a new movie called Jind Mahi. The film stars Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria in the leading roles. The Sonam-Ajay duo had earlier shared the screen in the Punjabi movie Ardab Mutiyaran. And now they have come together for Sameer Pannu’s directorial. And here we have penned this honest Jind Mahi Movie Review for you. 

The Sonam Bajwa fans were very excited about this film and had high expectations. But did this film fall perfect to the expected standards or the fans? Or was it a total failure? You’ll get the answer to everything in this Jind Mahi Movie Review without any spoilers. 


The story of Jind Mahi is based on the unexpected and really beautiful love story of Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria. While Ajay plays an urban guy based in the UK who is rich and living a stressful life. And on the other hand, Sonam Bajwa plays a typical ‘desi’ Punjabi girl. 

How Sonam enters Ajay’s life and changes it completely is all the film is about. Ajay falls in love with Sonam, and what density has planned for them gives the film an unexpected twist. 

Also, this is not the only love story you will see in the film, but you will be served with a love triangle and a few more love lessons. 

Acting & Performances

For taking the Jind Mahi review forward, we are now heading to the star cast and their performances in the film. Jind Mahi stars Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria in the leading roles. Rajdip Shoker and Baninder Bunny are seen playing pivotal roles. And Gurnam Bhullar will be seen in an extended cameo. 

Not gonna lie, but Sonam Bajwa was the sole sailer of this project. She was phenomenal and extremely outstanding in her role and was given massive screen space. But Ajay Sarkaria on the other hand lacks conviction in his performance. The actor fails to showcase a range of expressions in his dialogue delivery and body language. 

Rajdip Shoker did a good job in essaying her role even in the limited screen space given to her. And Baninder Bunny also added some life to the film. 

Writing & Direction

Coming to the writing and direction of the film, we are not too happy with the mentioned categories. It looks like the project could have been made a lot better and in fact outstanding if more focus was given to the writing and direction of Jind Mahi. 

The screenplay was dragged at various points which made the film look boring to us. Also, since we have actually liked the story of Jind Mahi, we believe a director like Jagdeep Sidhu could have helped the film. 

This film tries to narrate a heartwarming and emotional love story but fails to do it with any emotions. There were no supreme emotions in the film, which made us feel unsatisfied. No doubt Sameer Pannu has tried to make this film give tough competition to other cult romantic movies, but he has failed miserably. 

Also, since we are writing an honest Jind Mahi review for you, we also need to mention that the story of this film looked influenced by Bollywood movies Jab We Met and Rockstar at some points. 

Dialogues & Music 

Honestly, the dialogues of Jind Mahi have disappointed us. They seem super cheesy and forcefully inject emotions into the scenes. We might be right if we say, the dialogue writer of Jind Mahi binge-watched some classic superhit movies of the 90s before penning the dialogues for this project. 

But we are glad that the music of this movie actually turned out to be real gold. Gurcharan Singh has done a fantastic job by giving a soulful background score to Jind Mahi. And Oye Kunaal, Goldboy and Desi Crew also deserve all the appreciation for giving amazing music to the film’s songs. We wish this music was actually utilized for a better project. 


Overall, we believe, Jind Mahi is a project with equal flaws and equal goods. This story could have become the most amazing film of 2022, but unfortunately has failed the attempt. Yes, the cinematography, Sonam Bajwa, locations, ideas and the story of the film are good. But you will have to ignore some disappointments to enjoy watching Jind Mahi in theaters. 

So, this was all about the recently released Punjabi movie Jind Mahi starring Sonam Bajwa and Ajay Sarkaria. There are surely some good and bad things about this movie, but we can call it a good one-time watch. You should watch this romantic film for Sonam Bajwa. 

Here is the trailer of Jind Mahi for you, 

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