Jodi Movie Review: A Groovy Musical Treat Intertwined Well With Romance & Drama

Star CastDiljit Dosanjh, Nimrat Khaira, Hardeep Gill, Harsimran, Drishtii Garewal, Mintu Kapa, Ravinder Mand, Jarnail Singh
DirectorAmberdeep Singh
Kiddaan Rating

If any movie has made the Punjabi cinema audience wait the most in recent times, then it is none other than ‘Jodi’. Fans have waited years to see the most loving duo of Diljit Dosanjh and Nimrat Khaira together in a film. With a huge hype Jodi makes its debut on the big screen this friday. We have watched the movie and penned this Jodi movie review for you.

Helmed by the supremely talented Amberdeep Singh, Jodi stars Diljit Dosanjh and Nimrat Khaira in lead roles, while the movie’s supporting cast features Hardeep Gill, Harsimran, Drishtii Garewal, Mintu Kapa, Ravinder Mand and Jarnail Singh. Since the day it was announced excitement for this movie is on another level among the fans but does this movie land well on the expectations, read this Jodi movie review to know the answers.


Beginning our Jodi movie review by discussing the story of this movie which revolves around Amar Sitara (Diljit Dosanjh), a growing Punjabi singer during the 1980s, who comes with a quirky sense of music. Sitara after some drama forms a Jodi (partnership) with Kamaljot (Nimrat Khaira). The duo revolutionized Punjabi music and became the most loved singers in no time. But as wise people say ‘fame brings problems’, Sitara and Kamal come across many threats, some of which were life threatening. How the Jodi of Diljit and Nimrat overcomes those obstacles and what happens in between is what this movie is all about.

Acting & Performances

Now let’s talk about the performances of this movie in our Jodi movie review. First in this list is the main man of the movie – Diljit Dosanjh. We are short of words to praise the intensity and range this man brings to a project with his presence. Diljit completely owned the film. The way he delivers dialogues irrespective of the genre is outstanding. If we had to rate Diljit’s performance on a scale of 0-10, we would have given him 11.

After Diljit, it’s time to talk about the lady of the film – Nimrat Khaira, who was simply brilliant as Kamaljot. Her simplicity was the key that locked the doors of the audience’s hearts. We must say with the days passing, Nimrat is all set to cement her place in the Punjabi cinema industry as a strong female lead.

The supporting cast of the movie that includes  Hardeep Gill, Drishtii Garewal, Mintu Kapa, Ravinder Mand and Jarnail Singh, also played their roles gracefully. Harsimran, who made his debut in the film as Joshila, nailed his role. We’d like to see Harsimran in more movies and if he is the antagonist, then what’s better than this…

Writing & Direction

Movie is written nicely but we find the story above average which is lifted well with a good and engaging screenplay. Movie also seems a little slow at times. Apart from that, Amberdeep Singh has pulled off outstanding work. The way he managed the highly talented cast of the film is truly commendable. Cinematography of the film is damn good and soothing as well.

Music & Dialogues

Music of this film is actually the best part of this movie. Our favorite track from this amazing playlist is Jinde by Amrinder Gill. Chann Wargi and Jigra Te Laija Gabrua are already making buzz and in the theaters they sound better.

LNot only the songs but the BGM of the film is also mind blowing. The Dialogues of the movie are hilarious and written brilliantly that will tickle your ribs at points and will make your eyes wet as well.


Concluding this Jodi movie review with our final words for the movie. So, Jodi is a very good entertainer that comes with a groovy musical playlist, rib-tickling humor, a decent romance and outstanding performances. Team Kiddaan rates Jodi 4.5 out of 5 stars. The deduction in the rating is only due to the pace of the movie other than that it’s a proper entertainer. So don’t wait much, just book your ticket, grab some snacks and enjoy this musical treat from the Jodi of Diljit Dosanjh and Nimrat Khaira.

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