Joginder Singh Gill Visited Pakistan After 74 Years, Says, “I Can’t Even Speak, I Am So Emotional”

A few months back India celebrated the 74 year anniversary of its freedom struggle and its independence from 200 years of colonial rule. But at that time, many people across the borders had to relive the horrific nightmares of partition and the massacre that arose after India won its land. Both India and Pakistan abound in people who spend each day in the thought of visiting their hometown which is on the other side of the border.

One such story is surfacing all over the internet, where a person identified as Sardar Joginder Singh Gill visited his village Chak Gillan Tehsil Wazirabad in Gujranwala, Pakistan after 74 years of independence. A short clip has been viral on social media, where Gill can be seen expressing his emotions with everyone. 

He said that his yearning of visiting his hometown in Pakistan was finally fulfilled after seven long decades. Further, he is the first person who visited his village Chak Gillan. He said he couldn’t even speak, he was so emotional. He wishes to stay there in his land. Gill speaks his heart out and reveals what his mother used to tell him.

Gill got emotional as he breathed in the fresh air of the country which was once his home; he thanked God for taking him till here. Travelling through the streets of Gujranwala, Gill relieved his old memories.

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He further concluded and said we feel blessed that due to Kartarpur Sahib we got a chance to visit Pakistan. We wish Pakistanis also get the same opportunity so that they also get to see their hometowns in India.

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