Do You Know Jordan Sandhu’s Wife’s Name? Check Inside

Punjabi singer Jordan Sandhu who not only is very well known but also much loved and appreciated by his fans, has recently tied the knot. We are sure you have come across various enchanting pictures and videos of his wedding ceremony on social media.

But we are also aware of the fact that you are too keen to know about the lucky lady who’s recently reserved her name on Sandhu’s heart. So here we are spilling the beans for you.

Jordan Sandhu is now officially married. Jordan Sandhu’s wife’s name is Jaspreet Kaur. And if reports are to be believed, Jaspreet is based in Canada. For now, many details of this big fat Indian wedding aren’t out.

Though the fans are curious to know more and more about the wedding and the newlywed couple, we are sure Jordan will soon reveal it. We aren’t aware of the fact that if this wedding was an arranged one or the final goal of true love, we are sure that they make an absolutely beautiful pair. Jordan and Jaspreet look astonishing together and we are sure they will be maintaining this charm forever.

Team Kiddaan is sending its warm wishes to the newlyweds and their family. We congratulate them and hope they’ll together make memories that last forever.

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