Junior Movie Review: Amiek Virk Brings A Top Notch Action Filled Movie To The Punjabi Cinema

StarcastAmiek Virk, Srishti Jain, Kabir Bedi, Yograj Singh, Pardeep Rawat, Pardeep Cheema, Ajay Jethi, Ronny Singh, Ram Aujla, Kabir Singh, Rana Jasleen & more
DirectorHarman Dhillon
Kiddaan Rating

The Punjabi cinema lovers were waiting for a movie to get released since the time they saw the teaser, trailer and songs of it. Junior starring Amiek Virk and Srishti Jain in the lead roles has been released in the theaters worldwide. This movie showcases high quality, top notch action drama. Moreover, it is a good treat for all the action lovers out there. If you are interested in action movies you can surely visit theaters to watch JUNIOR in cinemas near you. But before that we have a Junior Movie Review for you. 

We are done watching the film and we thought why not give a detailed review to all those who are planning to visit the theaters to watch Junior. So, here is is Junior movie review for all of you


The story of Junior starts with the introduction of the hero Amiek Virk. Where Amiek spends a smooth life until something very unusual happens & his daughter dies in the worst events that could ever happen. His wife eventually asks him to take revenge for the sake of their daughter. 

The story goes smooth with action and thrill but the screenplay is where you can notice something getting off at points and feels like it could have been a little bit exceptional. 

Acting & Performances 

Let’s first talk about the male lead of the movie. Amiek Virk has portrayed the role of Junior, aka Jai Singh in the movie by putting admirable efforts with his heart and soul in making this film a success. The action that Amiek has delivered on screen is very commendable and can be considered as one of the finest action sequences of the recently released Punjabi movies so far. 

The female lead of Junior has debuted in the Punjabi industry with this movie. Srishti Jain has played the role of Samaira in the movie. She has represented to make herself look amazingly awesome as she dwells deep into the character of Samaira. She has played the role of a mother who has just lost her daughter and is in full anger to take revenge from the culprits and asks his husband to come up with some plan. 

The iconic Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi has also appeared as Edward Kahlon in the movie. Kabir Bedi’s out-of-the-box performance has made the audience go gaga over him. Hetook off the negative character so well that there are no flaws seen. 

Then coming to the roles of Yograj Singh, Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat and Ajay Jethi. Three of these actors have delivered energetic performances and pushed the movie with their commendable acts. There is no doubt in believing the fact that they have made the movie a better watch by just appearing and delivering their performances through Junior.

Writing & Direction 

Coming to the writing and direction, the cinematography has been fascinating throughout the movie. The director has done a very good job in presenting action scenes and the entire movie on the other hand. Harman Dhillon and Team Nadar Films as directors need to be appreciated a little more for their not so ordinary efforts they have put in directing this newly released movie. 

Action director Yannick Ben and Amritpal Singh have done prolific jobs in making the action come out as expected, on the big screens. 

Background Music & Dialogues 

The dialogues of Junior are meant to be appreciated just like the entire movie and its action sequence. Direct from the heart dialogues of Samira and fierce ones by Amiek Virk as Jai Singh has made junior as a great watch. 

Background Music is a startling positive point for the film and gives a Hollywood kind of feel when you sit and watch in theaters. 


Considering the action story and the performances in Junior, it is a must watch for the Punjabi cinema lovers as well as anyone who loves Action tales. But before you finalize seats in the cinemas, read this Junior movie review. 

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