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30 ml da peg kina important hai eh sanu pta lga Lockdown ch te sudheer nu pta lga KAAMYAAB ch , jeh tusi Actor ho te phr tanu film bhut kmaal lgegi otherwise ho sakda tanu film  thk lge. “Purane chawal se rissotto bnane kitne mushkil hai” eh tanu ess film ch dekhn nu milega. Film shuru hundi hai Sudheer (Sanjay Mishra) de interview toh jo ki ek ehda da actor hai jehne apne career diya films ch bhut hit dialogues ditte hai but ohda koi naam nhi janda. Te interview de time ohnu pta lgda ke ohne 499 films kitiya te phr oh sochda ke ek hor film krke 500 kr lwa te mzaa aajuga but apni last film de experience krke oh industry nu chad chuka hunda te ehne time ch industry kahfi change ho gayi hundi hai. Per pher v eh Purana chawal come back karn di sochda te apne ek casting aale friend (Deepak Dobriyal) nu milda  te oh casting wala 500 va role arrange kar paunda hai ya nahi te kiddaan sudheer da eh comeback wala supna ohdi life change karda hai , eh hi hai Director hardik mehta di Kaamyaab. Hun jeh performances di gall kriye te Sanjay Mishra ne as a Sudheer ji bhut kamaal kamm kita hai te Deepak Dobriyal ne as a casting Director. Film tanu pasand aawe ya na per dekhan toh baad tusi iss Lockdown ch ek chiz zaroor kahoge, Bas Enjoying Life or option kya hai. Mai Madhuri Dixit bnna chahti hu and Om Shanti Om wargiya films v character artist te hi hi bniya ne te Eh saria films dekhn toh baad sanu comment krke zarur dseo ke tuhadi fav film kehdi hai.

Now Read in English:

The Bollywood industry has always been glamourous, bright, and fascinating. And almost every aspiring actor has a role model in this industry & if you’re a budding actor or artist too, then you’ll definitely love Sanjay Mishra’s Kaamyaab. We all know here every lead is given immense love & respect from everyone, but this is not what Bollywood is all about. In the era of craze and popularity of on-screen leads, the real gems are the side actors. And this is exactly what this film portrays. We believe no film and story is complete with two young male and female faces, but to shape the story and align every aspect of the plot perfectly, character artists are required.

Everyone looks forward to success and being the no.1, but this is the film which teaches you the chapters of happiness, even if you don’t win, and the  lessons of not being no.1, but still perfect in your own way. 

Directed & written by Hardik Mehta, Kaamyaab is the life story of Sudheer, a side character artist who works his lifetime for entertaining his audience by working in complete 499 films. The plot of the film includes all his efforts and struggles to fulfill his dream and find his 500th role. 

The film stars Sanjay Mishra, Deepak Dobriyal, Isha Talwar & Awtar Gill. Where Sanjay Mishra’s performance deserves a standing ovation, and Deepak has done a commendable job too.

The story starts when Sudheer is being interviewed by a reporter about his life, where he gets to know the fact he has worked in 499 films, and from here he develops the dream of performing one more character in a film and taking the count to 500. But when he is on the sets, he soon realizes everything has evolved and changed. Nothing was the way it used to be in his era of the ’70s-’80s. And this is the part of the story that justifies the dialogue of Deepak Dobriyal as the casting director, ‘Purane Chawal Se Risotto Banana Bada Mushkil Hai’. It’s really emotional to see a perfect and great actor of one time fumbling in between his lines, forgetting the dialogues, and taking many retakes. This story is a complete blend of funny, dramatic, and emotional scenes, just like the different colors of life. 

You may or may not love the film, but will definitely connect to many scenes and dialogues especially when Sudheer says, ‘Bas enjoying life. Aur option hi kya hai.’. Just like this film, in 2003, Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon and in 2007, Om Shanti Om, also focused their plot on character artists. So if you’re into some artistic and realistic plot, which doesn’t focus on any fascinating scene, but in portraying the reality, then you must devote your time in watching Kaamyaab. And don’t forget to let us know which part or scene of the film you liked the most.

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