Kaka Kautki Supports Ammy Virk In An Appreciation Post, Shares Emotional Message

Kaka Kautki Supports Ammy Virk In An Appreciation Post, Shares Emotional Message

Ammy Virk has been criticised by some people, accusing him of working with companies that are considered responsible for promoting ‘anti-farmer’ sentiments. Recently, he made his debut in Bollywood with the movie ‘Bhuj : The Pride Of India’ and was criticised again. He fell prey to public backlash for working with Bollywood actors who didn’t support the farmers of the country in the ongoing farmer’s protest. 

While a section of people is continuously criticising Ammy whenever the singer-actor comes up with a new project, Punjabi industry has shown support to the artist. Kaka Kautki, who worked with Ammy Virk in the movie ‘Nikka Zaildar 3’ and will be appearing with him again in the upcoming movie ‘Saunkan Saunkne’ shared an emotional message, expressing Ammy’s love for the farmer’s protest and his honest heart.

He wrote that Ammy Virk is a very sentimental type of guy, just like all Punjabis. It is probably in the Punjabi blood to be very emotional on everything. He wrote that when the nation suffered from the heart-breaking Pulwama Attack on the day of 14 February, 2019, Ammy Virk came forward and donated INR 10 Lakh to support the families of the martyrs. 

When Ammy saw a video of a helpless farmer watching his 4 acres of land, full of wheat crop, burning to ashes, he couldn’t control himself and immediately came forward to help him and sent him a cheque. Kaka Kautki said that he is an eye witness of all of these incidents as they both were working on Nikka Zaildar 3 at that time.

Talking about the farmer’s protest, Kaka Kautki wrote that when the protest started, Ammy and he were shooting for the film Saunkan Suankne and about 5 days of shooting were left. Ammy behaved like a small kid whenever he watched any of the protest related videos on social media and a different shine used to come to his eyes. And then he told Amberdeep that he would work double shifts and finish the movie but tomorrow he was going to Delhi to protest in any way!


He added that Ammy has witnessed a lot of hate already for his Bollywood project, working with Zee network, working with Bollywood stars in songs and movies and much more. He came in open support of the artist and said that how could Ammy judge 6 months ago what would be Zee Network’s stand on farmer’s issue. All the deals were signed when the protest hadn’t even begun and when a contract is signed, it is almost impossible to back off. 

He further went on to add that he is sure that more than half of the things in our kitchen belong to Reliance or Adani. When the Jio sim was launched and distributed for free, almost all of us bought it. We ported them during the protest but turning down contracts for artists is not the same as porting sims. 

He ended his message by stating that instead of supporting the protest and the real cause, people have been distracted and are busy in hating honest supporters of the protest like Ammy. It is easy to blame him for things, all it takes is a single tap to share defamatory posts but it is doing no good to the protest. Just like rest of the industry, Kaka Kautki also supported Ammy on the issue and requested the public not to be judgemental without knowing the whole facts. 

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