Kali Jotta’s Success Proves Content Rules The Cinema

Punjabi cinema has had a mind-blowing start this year with the release of the film “Kali Jotta,” which proved to be a blockbuster hit film depicting a meaningful and prominent love story with a good social message. The film is the ideal illustration of how the Punjabi audience actually wants to watch influential content rather than just romantic wit with comedic jabs. The film’s greatest accomplishment was that it became the first in Punjabi cinema history to gross even more during its second week in theatres thanks to the audience’s overwhelming affection and respect.

Neeru Bajwa Entertainment, U&I Films, and VH Entertainment’s presentation have bagged a place at the pinnacle of today’s cinema, with houseful shows in the first week of its release as well as in the second week as well. Experimenting with such sensitive topics rightfully exposes the shallow face of society; the way the film transforms itself from a happy story to a tragic one is the most drastic turn of the movie, making it powerful.


The movie is a heartbreaking cinematic work by Vijay Kumar Arora that combines his directing skills. The positive response to the film has thrilled Sarla Rani, Sunny Raj, Varun Arora, and Santosh Subhash Thite. The audience has the opportunity to view a unique and comprehensively conceived plot in Punjabi cinema by watching the movie.

A movie’s main goal isn’t just to amuse the audience; it’s also one of the best places to find inspiration. One such motivational film is “Kali Jota,” which tells the tale of a girl who desires to soar over the sky like a free bird while overcoming the obstacles society throws. The film’s unique story has proven that Punjabi cinema can deliver inspirational films along with comedies.

Harinder Kour, the writer of the film marked her debut in Punjabi cinema through the film. By tackling the extremely delicate subject of mental harassment of women, she has successfully given the core of every unexplored site of a painful unconscious mind.

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