When Kangana Ranaut And Ranbir Kapoor Got Into Spat Over Political Remarks

Kangana Ranaut and Ranbir Kapoor, both are two extremely popular actors of the Bollywood Film Industry. While Kangana is known for her bold comments, brave statements and controversial remarks, Ranbir on the other hand keeps his media interaction minimal. But do you know there was a time when these two celebrities got into a bad spat over political remarks?

Yes, this happened back in 2019, post the success of Manikarnika when in a media interaction Kangana was asked if she plans to enter politics. To this, Miss Ranaut responded by denying it and also said that she talks about politics and national issues because she feels for the country’s people, not because she wishes to participate in politics. Her statement went on and she even commented on a remark made by Ranbir Kapoor. 

She said, “I don’t have any intention to join politics or an election campaign of a political party. Many people feel that I want to enter politics but that’s not true. There are few actors in our industry like Ranbir Kapoor where he has been seen talking in an interview that ‘We have regular supply of water and electricity at my home so, why should I comment about politics?’ But I feel because of this country’s people you are living in your luxurious home and you are travelling in your Mercedes so, how can you talk like that? This is irresponsible behaviour and I am not that kind of person”

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Kangana had commented on Ranbir’s comment that he had made in an interview. When the actor was asked why does not make any political comments, Ranbir said, “I don’t make political statements because I don’t follow politics. Politics don’t make any difference in my life. I live a luxurious life, I don’t have issues, I don’t have water problems, I don’t have housing problems, I don’t have all of that. So, who am I to comment on politics? I’m a privileged person.”

And when Kangana commented on Ranbir’s statement, the news went viral. In another media interaction, Ranbir was asked to comment on what Kangana said, and to this, the actor replied by saying that he is not interested in giving answers to people. He said, “Whatever anyone asks me I do answer it. I don’t have any interest in giving answers to these questions. People can say whatever they want. I know who I am and what I say,” Ranbir told reporters here at an event.”

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This news and spat between Ranbir Kapoor and Kangana Ranut had made headlines back then. And it was not the first time when Kangana made comments about any actor or artist. She has been involved in controversial online and offline fights with celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Diljit Dosanjh and more.

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