Kangana Ranaut Claims Of Getting Attacked By Locals After Entering Punjab, Calls Them ‘Anti Socials’

Well, everyone is aware of the dispute between Kangana Ranaut and the Punjab’s people and the reason being, is well recognised as she has been visible making disgraceful remarks for the community and for the nation as well, not a single time but many times. 

Now Kangana Ranaut has claimed of her getting attacked by a number of people after her entrance in Punjab. She has put up a video story on her Instagram in which she is visible capturing the surroundings where her car is seen surrounded by a group of people while she was sitting in the car. She entered Punjab earlier this day and with her entrance a number of people stopped her from entering into the state further by surrounding her car and according to Kangana’s story those people were claiming to be the farmers. 

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Kangana Ranaut left Himachal Pradesh as her flight was cancelled and on her way back from the state, she entered Punjab where a mob stopped her from entering into the state. She even claimed that the people were making disrespectful comments for her and were threatening her to death. Her story even claims that those people are ‘Anti Socials’. 


“The Police have also reached the spot and they couldn’t find any way for my passage through the crowd. Am I a Politician? Do I run any political party? Why are people behaving like this with me? Shame on these people”, says Kangana. 

However, after a polite discussion with the people over there and with the support of Punjab Police Kangana finally slipped out of the situation and is completely safe & asked her fans not to worry about her. 

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Kangana was often seen making disrespectful remarks against the farmers and the nation too, and especially the people of Punjab have always been opposing her for her disgraceful comments. She recently claimed of getting death threats from the people and that she has filed an FIR for the same. The actress earlier made an harsh comment which said that Sikhs are Khalistani Terrorists, people were angry and disappointed with her for this statement of hers. 

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