Kangana Ranaut’s Tweets Deleted Once Again, She Violated Rules: Twitter

Article by: Gautam

Kangana Ranaut, the “queen” of social media, has had a history of controversial statements and raising her voice on various social issues. The latest ongoing farmer’s protest is no more something that needs an introduction. It is already a hot topic all over the world. 

The issue became global from national, when the richest singer in the world, Rihanna, tweeted regarding the event. Since then, several global human rights organizations, activists, celebrities, athletes have been constantly showing their support to the protest.

As soon as global celebrities had a dig on the issue, Indian celebrities rushed on them. Bollywood, who had been quiet for most of the part, suddenly started defending India’s stance on the issue, saying it is a national issue and does not concern any other country and described the tweets from all over the world as a strike on the country’s sovereignty and a propaganda.

Kangana Ranaut, the famous Indian actor, was few of the first ones to come in defence of the country. She called the richest singer in the world, a paid artist, used against India, she also had a dig on her appearance and took it to body shaming. She also called Lebanese-American former pornstar, Mia khalifa, pornstars giving paid opinions on India’s internal affairs. 

  Twitter took down several of Kangana’s tweets for violating their rules. The information was shared by punjabi journalist, Gagandeep Singh, on his official twitter account through a tweet. 

Article by: Gautam

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