Kangana Used to Date Babbu Maan, Says Hobby Dhaliwal

As soon as Kangana started commenting on farmer’s protests and made cheap comments on Punjabi women, the people of Punjab made comments about her past too. Her criticism for farmers didn’t end and neither did the comments of the people about her. Earlier there were only speculations and gossips but now a senior artist of industry Mr. Hobby Dhaliwal has confirmed that Kangana Ranaut used to date a Leading Punjabi Singer.

In the latest videos circulating on social media, Hobby Dhaliwal was clearly seen saying that during Kangana Ranaut’s Chandigarh days, she used to date one and only “MIRZA” of the Punjabi industry that is BABBU MAAN. He also said that she was regularly present on sets where Babbu Maan would be shooting for his songs and movies. Taking a dig at it Hobby said ” Kangana your PG owner might have died but people of Punjab remember what you used to be and whom you would go on dates with”


Since Harwinder Singh Sidhu, owner of Panj-aab Records posted a story on instagram hinting towards Babbu Maan’s and Kangana’s relationship (Add screenshot shared above), social media was filled with gossips, now Hobby’s statement puts a confirmation stamps on the matter. There is no official statement made by either Maan or Kangana on this matter and we don’t even think they will ever want to talk about it. But Kangana’s past will surely keep haunting her and people of Punjab aren’t in a mood to let her go.


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