The Kapil Sharma Show’s Tickets Selling For Rs 4999? Kapil Sharma Tweeted On The Issue

The most loved stand up comedian of India Kapil Sharma is just soo good in his work that he always succeeds in making the audience laugh so hard through his absolutely perfect comic timing.

Whenever you feel low you can watch His show “The Kapil Sharma Show” which has such entertaining and humorous content that it immediately turns your mood up. 

But recently you might also have come across an advertisement on social media which depicted Kapil sharma’s picture and the logo of Sony TV. The advertisement is of The Kapil Sharma Show’s ticket and claimed that the ticket cost rupees 4999 along with free popcorn and drinks.

Having read this a Twitter user from Hyderabad, confirming if the advertisement is true or not, sought validation and tagging him, asked, “Sir please clarify if it is genuine because we are huge fans of you from Hyderabad and willing to see you perform live.”

To this Kapil replied, “”Sir it’s a fraud. we never charge our audiences a single penny to see the live shoot, pls beware of these kind of fraud people 🙏 thank you,”

The Kapil Sharma Show  Commenced in September 2022 and the last episode of the show was shot in June this year and the show concluded in July.

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