Karamjit Anmol Was Treated Like A Newcomer On The Sets Of Carry On Jatta 2. Here’s Why

One of the finest actors in the Punjabi industry, Karamjit Anmol has been the best ever seen actor. The actor who is known for his versatility, also wins the limelight with his charming personality. His every character occupies a special place in our hearts and minds. 

But one of the best performances he has given is in the film Carry On Jatta 2. It was one of the most anticipated prequels. Karamjit looks like a healthy Sardar which is quite noticeable. 

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But do you know when he first arrived on the sets, none of the crew and cast recognised him? Yes, it’s true. Karamjit once revealed that when he stepped onto the sets the first day, nobody could recognize him. They thought he was some new member and treated him like that. He added that everyone tried to be formal with him. But later when his identity was revealed, everyone was surprised and admired his look.

Undeniably, Karamjit Anmol had been more promising in the second part of the franchise where he portrayed Jaswinder Bhalla’s brother-in-law, Tony. Director Smeep Kang did a great experiment with his looks. Karamjit stands out and succeeds in impressing the audience. And this character and look will be remembered by everyone for years.

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