10 Things That Made 2021 A Special Year For Karan Aujla

Year by year we are witnessing a different shade and a level high of Karan Aujla. 2021 was similar and way more celebrated for this super amazing artist. Since the start of the year, Karan Aujla has been delivering with some single tracks like Mexico, Hukam, Jatt Te Jawaani and more & finally yet most importantly, his much-anticipated debut album. 

This artist has been so astounding and prolific, that he took the industry on toes and shined like a star when he released his debut tape, BacThaFu*Up in 2021 and made his name registered in one of the best with his songs and without a shadow of uncertainty, his writing. 

This whole year Karan Aujla got us to stick to him without any doubt, his album BTFU made him a global face. With BTFU’s release Aujla certified himself as one of the most productive artists from the Punjabi industry and reached a wider audience globally. 

Here are the Top 10 achievements that Karan Aujla has captured in his basket in 2021: 

India’s Biggest Digital Artist 

The biggest artist of Punjabi music industry became India’s biggest artist in the past year. Karan Aujla became India’s Biggest Digital Artist following the success of his first-ever superhit album BTFU. Without any suspicion, his album was already meant to smash the charts and people’s minds. It lived upto the expectations and Karan Aujla was certified as the Biggest Digital Artist of India. Aujla grabbed 38th position worldwide in the ‘Global Digital Artist Ranking’ which made him the highest-ranked artist on the list then. 

6th Spot Among Top Global Debut Albums

This was another record served by BacThaFu*Up on Aujla’s plate. With the release of his album, he secured 6th spot among the 10 albums on the Spotify ‘Top Albums Debut Global’ charts and became a global face once again. This was the only Indian album on the world charts of Spotify which ranked 6th among other non-Indian albums and made us all surprised within a few days of its release. 

Topped The India’s Apple Music Charts

What else have we expected from Karan Aujla as an audience and his art’s admirer? Within a day of BTFU’s release, Karan Aujla made it to the top of the Indian Music Charts of Apple. His album peaked at ‘Indian Apple Music Top Album Charts’ leaving behind the superhit Bollywood movie Shershaah’s songs and Drake’s then-released album, Certified Lover Boy, in India. Yes, his album topped the Indian charts just after its release and made listeners go ecstatic with the songs. 

#2 At Canadian Apple Music Charts 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate what this guy has done in 2021? For sure. Karan Aujla made it to the Canadian charts along with the Indian ones with BTFU’s release. His album grabbed a spot below Drake’s CLB, the 2nd position on the ‘Canadian Apple Music Top Album Charts’ and had beaten everyone with securing #1 spot on ‘Canadian iTunes Top Album Charts’. Not just in Canada but BTFU was trending #2 on the UK iTunes charts and #3 on Australian Apple music and iTunes charts. Aujla’s album was even trending in the countries like Norway, Qatar, Arab Emirates, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and where not! It was trending all over the world. Wait, take a deep breath and believe that this was absolutely true and happened really. 

Debut Album On Billboard 

Can you believe it? Artist’s first ever album and straight on Billboard charts. Well, Karan Aujla did it. BacThaFu*Up reached the prestigious ‘Billboard Charts’ within a few days of its release. Aujla’s album ranked at 19th position globally on Billboard Canadian Albums, among the most trending albums of the world at that time. 

Second Indian Artist To Have Custom Youtube Countdown 

July 8th, 2021 was when the first song from his much awaited album, BTFU, was released. Karan Aujla released the music video ‘Chu Gon Do?’ from his album. There is no doubt that Chu Gon Do? was too awaited since its announcement, so to make it more exciting and surprising, Karan Aujla chose to roll all the presumptions with the countdown of the song. Normally it is a default premier countdown on Youtube, but Aujla chose a different path and had an amazing way to premier the song in his own way. He became the 2nd Indian creator to have his own Custom Premier Countdown with the live video countdown done by the artist himself.  

2nd Intro Of Album 

This was yet another surprising element from BTFU. What normally happens is, first the teaser or an intro of any track or an album releases and then the proceedings to the final release of the project happens. But this was all different, Karan Aujla released the initial intro of the album in mid June and it was just the fans were waiting for the official album to get released, but how would Aujla let it go so easily? He surprised everyone with the 2nd 10-mint intro (Vibe Check) of the album on 2nd September and gave us an insight of his preparations for it which was more enjoyable to watch. 

Use Of Real Instruments In BTFU

With the release of the second intro of the album, the audience got to know the musical taste of it. Karan Aujla and renowned music director Tru Skool gave us a musical tour of the album within 10 minutes. BTFU basically consisted of the origin of Punjabi music. With a pure folk touch in the album , the music director and his team played the instruments like Dhol, Tumbi, Harmonium, etc and recorded it as it is for the album. Where the musical taste of the industry went to the hip-hop end, BTFU relived the old folk Punjabi music. 

Hukam Clothing  

It was just when people were thinking that Karan Aujla is going to release the sequel of his much liked song, Hukam and the artist dropped a bomb by announcing his official merchandise on 25th November 2021. With the amazing response, this artist has received throughout the year made him do this for his beloved audience and fans. He used his slogans like ‘Ageya Babeh’, ‘Safar Chal Reha Hai, Te Safar Jaari Rahuga’ and ‘Haan Haige Aa’ & some playing cards with a ‘Spade’ sign on his merchandise stock, he left everyone surprised and obviously amazed with the extraordinary price of the merch. However, the merch was just live for almost 4 days before its closure. 


New House 

Karan Aujla hails from Ghurala village in dist. Khanna, Ludhiana. The artist decided to build his new house at the same location as his old house, renovating the house he is attached to. He has spent his entire childhood there and taking this step after being successful in life is the most amazing thing to do for yourself and the family. 

2021 was unquestionably one of the brightest years for Karan Aujla in his musical career so far. From delivering singles, collaborations to finally dropping his album and then his merchandise at the end of the year. He did a lot for the audience in 2021 as he believes what he is today is just because of the public and the people who love and support him and this cannot be denied anyhow. 

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