Karan Aujla Announces His Next EP After Way Ahead

It looks like Karan Aujla has taken all the ‘Trust The Process’ memes seriously! The Geet’an Di Machine is officially back. The Punjabi music giant has announced yet another untitled EP. The newly announced EP is set to be released after the most awaited ‘Way Ahead’.

Karan Aujla Announces His Next EP After Way Ahead

Not only this, but Karan Aujla also has a world tour lined up after the release of his EP Way Ahead. The world tour is set to begin from the US from 14 May and Karan will tour various countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, Europe. The tour will go around the whole year and finally conclude in India in the month of December.

As it is said, good things take time and Karan Aujla is making the statement come true. Last year, after the release of his debut album, BTFU, Karan Aujla went inactive from the industry and the inactiveness continued for a long time. It was finally on his birthday, on 18 January, 2022, that the singer released a track, YKWIM, alongside Kr$na.

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After that, Karan also featured in Inder Chahal’s ‘Dream’ and Jaz Dhami’s ‘Bas’. While his features were absolute fire in both the tracks, it wasn’t enough for the fans. The expectations of the fans from Karan Aujla are always as high as possible, mainly due to the fact that the artist has set the bar so high for himself.

There was a time when the singer used to release 5-6 tracks in a span of just a month! He is even dubbed as ‘Geetan Di Machine’ due to this remarkable quality of his. But the Geetan Di Machine had been long lost after BTFU. Now, it looks like we are finally getting the old Karan Aujla back

The EP that Karan has recently announced, is untitled as of now. The artist said that he’s currently working on it. It is most likely that we might get to see Karan dropping the official poster or even the release date of his EP after Way Ahead and the World Tour. 

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