Karan Aujla Announces New EP ‘Way Ahead’ As His Birthday Return Gift For Fans

Karan Aujla who undoubtedly is one of the most loved, celebrated and appreciated artists of Punjabi Music Industry is all set to entertain his admirers once again. We all know Aujla is celebrating his birthday today, and this day is big for both the Industry and his fans. Hence, he has decided to surprise his fans with a return birthday gift. 

He has recently released his latest track ‘YKWIM’ and the song has already started its job of garnering immense love from the fans. But if you stay hooked to the video till the end, the track discloses another surprise for you. It says, ‘Karan Aujla Brand New EP Way Ahead Coming Soon’.

He had already teased his fans about this expected surprise on his Instagram story and especially asked his fans to look for the surprise at the end of the video of YKWIM.

There is no doubt in the fact that Aujla has never failed to entertain his fans and serve them with exactly what they have been longing for. And now when he has finally planted the  surprise bomb of his upcoming EP, this news is no less than a good news for his fans. Though the artist has not disclosed any more details like the tracklist, release date or his probable collaborations, it hasn’t affected the excitement of the fans in any way.

We expect Karan Aujla to release the details soon so that we, his fans, have some more to celebrate and look forward to. For now, let’s cherish the fact that the fan favorite Aujla has gifted his fans on his own birthday and wait for him to disclose more. 

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