Karan Aujla Becomes First Indian Artist To Get Featured On Any Global Apple Music Playlist Cover

Karan Aujla’s undoubted versatility as an artist has proven how commendable his art is. And that’s the reason why his admirers are ‘Admiring’ him just another time now.

Aujla has again ruled the hearts and the charts after the release of his much awaited Song ‘Admirin’ You’ featuring Preston Pablo. ‘Admirin’ You’ Is the first song that got released out of the nine songs included in his upcoming summer album- ‘Making Memories’, which will be released on 18th of this month.

With the release of the album’s first song, Karan Aunla has become the first Indian Artist to get featured on any Global Apple Playlist cover, after Apple Music featured him on the cover of New Music Daily!

Karan Aujla posted a picture on instagram, thanking Apple Music for featuring him on the cover. He wrote ” Thank you @applemusic for featuring me on the cover of New Music Daily! Admirin’ You OUT NOW #admirinYou #Newmusicdaily🌏”

Karan aujla is really a singer who is worth “Admiring” for the success he has achieved with his hard work. 

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Earlier the Song ‘Admirin’ You’ was supposed to be released on 4th of August, as announced by the singer himself but it seems like Aujla was very eager to unveil the album to his fans and hence, released it on 1st Of August!

Soon after the music video was released, fan’s responses in the comment section made it very clear that they loved the song. “You really got us ‘Admirin you” , “M freeze after watching this heat”, “Full On 🔥 “, “I have never seen a gifted singer like you before. Your songs hit differently”, “Playing on loop”. All these responses show Aujla has succeeded with his first song!

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