Karan Aujla Becomes The Second Indian Artist To Get His Own Custom Youtube Premier Countdown

Today Geetan Di machine, Karan Aujla has dropped his first track ‘Chu Gon Do?’ from the album BacThaFu*Up. The singer has given various numbers of hits, be it a single track or an album hitting the chartbusters.

However, recently he has updated us with the track list, in which his album BacThaFu*Up comprises 13 tracks and surely the hit tracks. The music is given by Tru Skool and the lyrics are jotted down by Karan Aujla. Moreover, he will be seen collaborating with different artists. 

But the most incredible thing for Karan Aujla and his fans is that he is the second Indian artist to get a custom made Youtube Premiere Countdown. His first track ‘Chu Gon Do?’ was premiered live on youtube, minutes before its official release. Moreover, the premiere was a custom-made timer countdown with Karan Aujla’s videos on it. Karan is the second-ever Indian Artist to get his own premiere countdown.

The Custom-made countdown was made possible by collaboration of Speed Records, EYP Digital and Being Digital in his project. Further, he proves that he is one among the talented artists who not only gives us groovy songs but also makes his community proud.

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