Karan Aujla Releasing BTFU 2 Soon? Can This Rumour Actually Turn True?

Karan Aujla, undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the Punjabi Music Industry, dropped his debut music album BTFU in 2021. The album became a worldwide success and topped many international music charts. The latest rumour in the Punjabi Music Industry is that BTFU 2 might be coming really soon!

A sequel to Karan Aujla’s superhit 2021 debut album might become a reality soon. Karan Aujla has so far released an EP – Way Ahead – after BTFU but he is yet to release a second album after that. As he had already said in his first album “Tape pehli aa babeyo, aakhri ni”, the second one might be released soon.

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While the rumours about the album are still on, a confirmation is yet to be given. And for that, Team Kiddaan reached out to Deep Rehaan (COO – Rehaan Records). We asked him if the team was actually planning to release a BTFU sequel really soon? 

To the question, the Chief Operating Officer at Rehaan Records, Deep Rehaan said that there is nothing in the pipeline right now and all of it is just a rumour as of now. So, he cleared that the talks of a BTFU sequel are so far limited to only social media.

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But, fans should not be disappointed by the fact. The team has clarified that all of it is just a rumour as of now but who knows when it actually starts gaining substance and becoming a reality? Karan Aujla had earlier announced that he was working on another EP. The artist is currently occupied with his Way Ahead Tour and we are hopeful we’ll be seeing a lot of music from him once he gets done with it.

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