Karan Aujla Flaunts Outfit Worth More Than 30 Lakh In The Poster Of Vibe Check

Karan Aujla Flaunts Outfit Worth More Than 30 Lakh In The Poster Of Vibe Check

Can anyone beat Karan Aujla in the battlegrounds of singing, writing or even styling? This undoubtedly is a topic of hot discussion, right? But we are sure that you too are equally impressed with his multi talented characteristics. We have always appreciated him for his commendable talent, but today we are all praises for his recent looks. 

Astonished by the overall cost of his outfit, we are glad to share it with you too that Karan Aujla has flaunted an outfit which costs a lot more than 30 Lakh INR. The amount is surprising, and the way Aujla carried it is impressive. Talking about it in detail, Karan Aujla wore a Roll neck tee by Heron Preston which costs $259 i.e. equal to 18,906 INR. He accessorised the tee with a pair of Cartier Buffs costing $2,500 which is 1,82,486 INR, and at last comes the ultimate show stealer, which is his wrist watch by Cartier Santos which costs $41,098 i.e. a complete 30 lakh INR. 

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When combined, all this made Karan Aujla’s entire look cost $43,857 i.e.  32,01,392 INR. We got our hands on this detailed information about Aujla’s look with the help of PB Fits’s Instagram post. They keep updating their page with the outfit details of popular celebrities of Punjabi Film and Music Industry. If you’re interested in keeping a check on the style details of your favourite celebrities, you can follow PB Fits on Instagram.


Aujla is seen wearing this look in the poster of Vibe Check shared by Speed Records. 


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