Karan Aujla Issues Official Statement On Viral Video Featuring Him And Lawrence’s Brother Together

It was just recently when Karan Aujla attended a function and artist Sharry Maan posted a video on his social media handle since he was also present there. The video was loved by the fans in majority but grabbed the attention of many in other ways. According to the netizens, the videos featured Sidhu Moosewala’s alleged murderer Lawrence’s brother in the background. 

When this video clip spreaded like a wildfire over the internet and people started trolling Karan Aujla, he finally decided to issue a statement and clear out the scene. Karan Aujla took to his official Instagram account to put his side of the story as he posted a long note stating his words forward. 

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Aujla worte, “I didn’t think I needed to but after seeing so many posts and messages I just want to clarify about an event on Sunday in Bakersfield, CA. As an artists myself and Sharry Maan bai were booked to perform for a reception show as requested by our common friend. As an artist, we are not aware who is attending or invited to the wedding shows we are booked for, hence Why I prefer not to do many wedding shows at all. It has been brought to my attention that a questionable individual was in the background of videos of me and Sharry bai performing. I was not aware of whom that may be until I saw these posts and messages. As an artist I focus on my performance and leave the shows, I do not notice each and every person as there are many people around. I would also like to state, there were many cameras and phones constantly recording, and usually are where I am. I would never knowingly attend or associate myself with anything as such. Please, as a humble request, don’t involve me in these things. As an artist you are already going through many things as you all know now, and it would be a humble request not to complicate things more. Hope this clarifies the matter.

Yours truly,


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According to the artist, he was not aware of who was present at the wedding function except his friends and of course Sharry Maan. This long note by Aujla comes after the constant video clips going viral and trolling the artist on being somehow associated with the brother of Sidhu Moosewala’s alleged killer. 

However, things are now sorted out and Karan Aujla has denied all such allegations that were put on him but the social media users.

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