Karan Aujla Issues Statement On Linking His Name With Sharpy Ghuman After The Recent Arrest By AGTF Staff

Karan Aujla has been making headlines in recent times due to the video where he and Sharry Maan were seen performing at an event allegedly attended by Sidhu Moosewala’s murderer Lawrence’a brother. Although Aujla stated that he was unaware of the people attending the show. However, a recent arrest by the AGTF (Anti Gangster Task Force) has put Aujla into the picture again.

On Thursday, Sharpy Ghuman and eight others were arrested by the AGTF staff. This soon became a web sensation. Where people started to connect Punjabi artist Karan Aujla with Sharpy Ghuman. While connecting the dots, people speculated that this comes after the video where he was seen singing at a wedding party attended by Gangster Lawrence’s brother Anmol, who was wanted by police in connection with the murder of Punjabi artist Sidhu Moosewala.

However, the artist issued a lengthy statement via his Instagram handle to clarify the rumors; in the statement, he writes: 

“Media de member te bhra bhain jehde menu pyar krde a ohna nu kuj k glla kehnia jehdia mai jruri smjda es time krnia . Kyoke kyi glla time te hi clear kar Denia Shahidi ne.

Pehla jehdi video ayi mai Ohde value v clarification dit Jini ho ski. The Kal ah video dekhi y” Karan auila da frnd arrested.”

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Yr menu Ik gal dsso media ale v j mera koi frnd c ya hai, jo ohne kita osda harjaana oh bhar reha . Mera naam naal kyo har vaar? Mai ki kita ? Te ahh sarea da kalla frnd mai hi a ? Meri shayad oh bnde nal Pichle 2 saal toh gal v na hoi hove. Te j mai pehla jaanda v c ki mere toh koi puchke apni life de good/bad decisions lenda ?

Mai kalla ni jihdia photos ya videos ne kise nal

Hor bht industry de bnde a te sarea da ehi ksoor a v oh Punjab lyi kam kr rhe a . Te apne parvaara da hid bhar rhe a apne kam de zriye . Te jad koi landu jeha channel khabar launda v ” karan aujla da saathi giraftaar ” menu eh dsso v jehda giraftaar hoya ohda koi naaam haini ?

Mera naam naal na jodo kise v cheej de.

Mai apna kam kr reha te survive krn di koshish kr reha Baki Sare kalakara vaang . 4 vari extortion da shikar hoya te 5 var mere ghar upper firing hoi kde es value ta kise channel ne sympathy Khabar Nahi chlaayi k ehna nal get ho reha. So media alea nu benti a v ajj toh j koi bina information ikathi kre ya bina kise proof toh

Mera naam shake na defame kan di koshish krda ta mai sidha legal action laugh. Meri legal team already es cheej te kam kr rhi a.

Ik gal jour semi a chukka a v bande nu marn di lod pending an apne app nu prove krn di.

Ehi sachayi a . Tusi v Sare gye to e mull paune

o . Sharm aundi chahidi”

He stated, ‘I want to share something with the people who love and support me, as it’s important to clear certain things on time. When the first video came (referring to the event video), I gave every possible clarification, and yesterday, I saw a video that “Aujla’s friend arrested” You guys only tell me if someone is my friend and does anything wrong why should I pay the cost for that. Why is it always associated with my name? Why always me? Am I the only friend of them all? Maybe we haven’t even talked for two years.

Moreover, if I knew him also, did he make his life decision by asking me? I’m not alone. Who has photos and videos with others? There are many in the industry, and it is their fault that they are working for Punjab and fulfilling their family needs through their work. And then, any media channel comes up with Aujla’s friend being arrested. Tell me, doesn’t that person have a name? 

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He added further, Don’t use my name with anyone else I’m just working and surviving just like other artists. I have been the prey of extortion four times, and five times firing has happened, targeting my house. So, why didn’t any channel come up for sympathy news then that something wrong is happening with me? So I request the media, if they try to put my name again into something without any proof and information just to defame me, I will take legal action. My legal team is working on that.’

Aujla concluded that he understood that to prove oneself, one must die. 

Karan Aujla has again clarified his part amid the rumors and said a defamation case would be charged for such allegations without proof and information.

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