Karan Aujla Announces New Album With Ikky! DETAILS Inside

The superstar and sensation Punjabi singer Karan Aujla is a heartthrob who rules over the hearts of millions of fans. He has been entertaining his admirers with the regular release of chartbuster songs like Chitta Kurta, Haan Haige Aa, Don’t Look and many more. And now the fan favorite Aujla is all set to bring on his next banger as he has announced his new album with Ikky. 

Yes, after the massive and worldwide success of Karan Aujla’s Albums and EPs; BTFU, Way Ahead & Four You, now the artist will be back with his new album in Summer 2023. 

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Karan Aujla made this special announcement in a unique way by adding the information in the end credits of his latest song. Karan Aujla’s latest song Yeah Naah has been released on YouTube and by the end of it, the fans got to see the official announcement of his new album. 

The announcement says, 

“Summer 2023… The Heat Will Arise Again. 

Karan Aujla + Ikky 

Full Album” 

Karan Aujla has not officially announced the title and specific release date of the project yet. But the announcement of his new album has taken the internet by storm. His fans are celebrating the news on social media and now eager to get more details about the same.

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Karan Aujla’s previous albums and EPs have earned him massive success across the globe. Not only he led the music charts in India and other international countries but also made it to billboard charts and more. We have high expectations from his new album and we all know it’s also going to be another big hit by Karan Aujla.

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