Karan Aujla Reveals He Is Planning For A World Tour Soon

Karan Aujla Reveals He Is Planning For A World Tour Soon

One of the biggest names in the Punjabi music industry, Karan Aujla, is also known to be a star live performer. Once you visit a Karan Aujla live concert, there’s no way you aren’t going to enjoy it like hell! And there’s good news for Karan Aujla fans, especially the fans of his live shows.

Karan Aujla revealed that he is soon going to organize a World Tour. He and his team are planning to have a trip around the world and hold live concerts in various countries. Canada, England, United States, New Zealand, Australia and some other countries are going to be Karan Aujla’s World Tour destinations. 

For the timing he and his team are occupied by the debut album of the artist, BacTHafu*UP. The first one of the 13-track album ‘Chu Gon Do’ has been released and the audience is looking forward to the release of the whole album soon. The album is a Karan Aujla and Tru Skool collaboration.

Now, we have another reason to be excited about it! Our favourite Karan Aujla is soon going to be touring around the whole world. The tour is most probably going to be held after the release of the album. We can listen to Karan singing BacTHafu*UP songs live all around the world in this anticipated tour. If you’re listening, team Karan, start the bookings already!

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