Karan Aujla Set To Collaborate With American Artist Flo Malcom For BacTHAfu*UP?

Karan Aujla Is All Set To Collaborate With American Artist Flo Malcom For BacTHAfu*UP

Karan Aujla is preparing for his upcoming debut career album BacThafu*UP and he’s currently in America shooting for the album. When one of the biggest Punjabi artists ever drops his debut career album, it surely isn’t something ordinary. Karan Aujla is making sure that his debut album turns out to be one of the best albums ever in the Industry and that he registers his name in the history of Punjabi Music. 

It is sure that Karan Aujla is going to have international collaborations in the album. Not many announcements have been made by the team but Karan and team’s Instagram stories from Hollywood, California put a stamp on the statement. And now, American musical artist from Atlanta, Georgia, Flo Malcom is probably going to be another feature in Karan Aujla’s album.

Flo Malcom is known to have worked with big names in the western music industry, and if the duo, Karan and Flo are really collaborating, it is going to be a big up for music of both the regions. Karan Aujla uploaded a story tagging Flo on his Instagram account and Flo Malcom uploaded a post with Karan Aujla on his own Instagram.


Karan Aujla’s comment on the post ‘Punjab To Hollywood’ seems to confirm the collaboration. But official confirmation hasn’t been offered by any of the artists. 

A few days ago, Karan Aujla had uploaded a story on his Instagram, informing the audience that 85% of the album has been done and an official update is on its way. He is in America, probably shooting for the album and is seen with a new American artist everyday. 

BacThafu*UP is surely going to be a musical treat by Karan Aujla and Tru Skool. Chances are also that Karan might be working with various American music producers for the album but as of now, we only know Tru Skool to be the major music producer. An official update is on its way, as Karan Aujla said, and the fans are only awaiting for the announcement of release date of the album. 

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