Karan Aujla Set To Collaborate With Rapper Kr$na For An Upcoming Project? Who’s The Man In His IG Stories?

The audience has been eagerly waiting for a track by Karan Aujla for a long time. Karan Aujla is known for dropping regular tracks. The singer has even earned the title of ‘Geetan Di Machine’ for his image of releasing a number of tracks within a short period of time. But this year, the audience complained that they did not have as many tracks from the artist.

Finally, after a long time, we can probably expect a huge collaborative track from Karan Aujla. We haven’t heard a song from the artist after his album, BacThafu*UP, and it’s been months since BTFU came out. Karan Aujla recently put up a couple of Instagram stories, hinting at an upcoming collaboration!

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Karan Aujla posted the stories from a studio with an unidentified artist. He asked the audience to guess who’s the man in his stories. In the follow-up story, we get a better idea of who the man in the stories is. It is speculated that he is the Delhi based Underground Rapper, Kr$na and the hints got stronger with the sign ‘$’ behind the hidden man standing.  

And to not be very wrong, this can be a sure collaboration we can expect from Aujla’s end as a few weeks earlier he was seen giving a peek into his car where Kr$na’s song was being played. Since then, the speculations for their collaboration have been circulating among the people. Now, as he shared a snippet and a picture of the man the hints got more stronger. 

Kr$na is a Delhi based underground rapper who is one of the earliest emerging rappers in the Indian hip-hop scene in mid-2000s with the former name YoungProzpekt. Kr$na is now a mainstream rapper who is mostly known for his songs like ‘Say My Name’, ‘Roll Up’, ‘Damn’ and more. He is currently in California, USA and if it is to be believed that he is the same man in Aujla’s stories then both the artists are jamming in the USA and prepping for their upcoming collaboration. 

Nothing to be doubted at, it will be a fire collaboration, it is just let the official announcement by the artists be made soon and the hints finally get a period to surety. Until it is made any stronger, you have nothing to do, just keep guessing and be excited for this future collab and of course for the reason that Karan Aujla will finally be releasing a track after months. 

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