Exclusive: Karan Aujla & Sidhu Moosewala All Set To Meet In Dubai! The Beef Is Over

History is about to be created. We are finally going to see two of the greatest superstars of the Punjabi Music Industry, Karan Aujla and Sidhu Moosewala together.

The fans might be expecting a collaboration track among the singers but it is not true, yet. Sidhu and Karan are not yet releasing a track together but the good news for the fans is that the beef between the two has finally sorted and they’re meeting up in Dubai.

karan aujla sidhu moosewala

All of it happened due to Sunny Malton and Deep Rehaan. Actually, during the time when Sunny Malton and Sidhu Moosewala had parted their ways, Sunny contacted Deep and the two developed a close bond. Deep also had a phone call with Sidhu Moosewala after Sunny and Sidhu’s beef got sorted.

Now, the meet up schedule is that Karan Aujla will soon be landing in Dubai for a pending shoot of Way Ahead’s music video and Sidhu is already in Dubai. The two will be meeting in Dubai!

When Kiddaan reached out to Deep Rehaan and Sunny Malton to get some more information about the most awaited meetup, Sunny said “Lassi Peeti Aa Bro?” While Deep Rehaan said “Kaisa Laga Mera Mazaak”

Happy April Fool Day

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