Karan Aujla Speaks Up On The Hate Faced By Ammy Virk, Shows Support

Karan Aujla Speaks Up On The Hate Faced By Ammy Virk, Shows Support

Ammy Virk’s latest interview has sparked the whole Punjabi industry. Many artists have uploaded posts or stories in support of the artist and now Punjabi superstar Karan Aujla has also decided to come forward and speak up on the issue.

Karan Aujla uploaded an Instagram story to show support for Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu. Ammy and Jagdeep have been criticised by the public for working with Zee Network and Bollywood actors while the artists have given their clarifications on it.

Karan Aujla said that the word ‘artist’ is enough to explain the work and the job of an artist. An artist spends all of his/her life in impressing and entertaining the audience with his art, even if he is not in his own life. He said that an artist always tries to do everything right but the public tends to focus on the 1% of the negative that he does mistakenly and ignore the 99% of the positivity.

Instead of making the artist realise his mistakes or talking to him, the public starts criticising him, abusing him on social media, forgetting all the good deeds he’s done before. This can sometimes even put the artist through extreme mental torture. Instead of fighting among ourselves, we should stand together, united, for the farmers. 

Further tagging both Ammy and Jagdeep, he wrote that he hasn’t met both of them much, but he knows one thing about them that they have done 99% positive deeds in their lives and the 1% negative has also not been done intentionally. Ammy had signed the films and projects before the protest even began and has promised that such signings won’t be repeated now.

He further went on to add that instead of making our community a laughter source for the world, we should start helping out each other and stay united. He requested everyone to stay united under one ‘Farmer’s’ tag and support them, ignoring all the other unimportant issues. He also entrusted the fans that Punjabi artists will always keep helping the community in any way possible, either on the frontline or from the behind. 

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