Karan Aujla To Collaborate With Harm Franklin, The 3x Platinum Artist?

Karan Aujla To Collaborate With Harm Franklin, The 3x Platinum Artist?

Punjabi Music fans cannot be happier than this. Karan Aujla is almost set to drop his career debut album titled BacTHafu*UP. One of the most popular Punjabi artists, Karan Aujla, is releasing an album and the problem is we don’t know anything about it yet. Karan is putting up stories with international artists but his fans have no idea if he’s collaborating with them or not.

Recently, Karan Aujla put up a picture with Harm Franklin, a platinum certified Punjabi artist. Harm Franklin is the only second artist of Punjabi origin to go platinum, after Nav. Platinum certification is awarded to an artist by the RIAA on hitting 1 million overall sales. Harm Franklin is a 3x platinum certified artist which means he has over 3 million sales to his name. 

Karan Aujla putting up a picture with Harm Franklin is big news. With BacTHafu*UP on Karan’s way, the dots seem to connect. This might be a hint at a probable collaboration between the best Punjabi artists. 

Karan Aujla has now increased his social media activity after weeks of absence. He interacted with his fans through instagram stories after a long time today morning. He provided important updates regarding the upcoming album and also confirmed that he’ll be soon holding a live session with his fans regarding BacTHafu*UP. 

One thing’s for sure that Karan is not taking this one lightly. We can expect big collaborations, and even international collaborations in the album. More is yet to be revealed and we will soon be able to listen to the debut album of our favourite artist.

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