Karan Aujla To Collaborate With Hollywood Rapper YG In His EP Way Ahead, Updates About Release Date

With the release of the last single, YKWIM, Karan Aujla announced his upcoming EP. And since then the fans are wholeheartedly waiting for it to get released. The artist promised his audience to come up with a big surprise and announcement on 7 April and he has fulfilled what he promised by dropping a surprise on his IG handle. 

Karan Aujla shared a few pictures with Hollywood rapper YG and announced their collaboration for his upcoming EP, Way Ahead. Fans were sure of something super amazing in this much anticipated EP and Aujla has now given a reason to his restless fans to get excited. YG, also known as Young Gangsta, is an American Rapper from California. YG has many superhits in his bag and some among them are Go Loko, My Nigga and Who Do You Love?  


Without any shadow of uncertainty, it is huge for the artist and of course for the audience to witness this massive collaboration. Karan Aujla was the one behind ‘Bombay To Punjab’ and now the singer-lyricist has made it ‘Punjab To Hollywood’. The artist has shared his feelings regarding this collaboration in an IG story. 

Apart from this amazing announcement, Karan even dropped a hint of the release of his superly awaited EP. Way Ahead is releasing by the end of April. The exact date is not known yet but we are sure that fans could now take a deep breath just by knowing that Way Ahead is releasing within a few weeks now. 

Meanwhile, Karan Aujla has been sharing some updates regarding Way Ahead for a few days now. Yeah Proof is the man behind the music of this EP which Karan has confirmed by sharing a snippet from their Way Ahead Preparations

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The expectations from this duo are high and now YG has also joined! We just can’t wait to hear out what these artists serve us in Way Ahead. April end is the time when it is going to be released!

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