Karan Aujla To Drop First Song ‘Admirin’ You’ From The Album On 1st August?

 We all are super excited and eagerly waiting for Karan Aujla’s much awaited summer album – ‘Making Memories’ to get released as the date of release is approaching soon!

As announced earlier, Karan Aujla’s full Album will be released on 18th of August and the first song with music video from the album ‘Admirin You’ will be released on 4th August, 2023. But, it seems like Aujla has some other plans cooking up in his mind and it looks like he cannot wait for the album to be unveiled to his fans.

Aujla, in his recent post on instagram, posted one more video from his studio session and has given some hints about the earlier release of his first song from the album!

He wrote in the caption “Who’s ready to make memories with me? Coming sooner than you think #AdmirinYou

After this many of his fans started commenting. Among which one told him to release it on 1st of August, to which Karan Aujla replied ‘are you sure on 1st?‘ 

Karan Aujla’s manager, Deep Rehaan also commented “Coming Sooner Than You Think 🤫” under the post which has made the hints even more stronger. After all these hints it seems like the song ‘Admirin You’ will now be released on 1st of August which was earlier going to get released on 4th August. 

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Moreover, Karan Aujla uploaded a story saying ” I don’t know if I can wait until August 4″.

So Be Ready, as ‘Admirin you’ a song from Aujla’s another banger album may be released anytime now or probably just tomorrow.

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