Karan Aujla V/s Sidhu Moosewala Once Again? Both Exchange Hard Hitting Replies

Karan Aujla finally broke the silence on his much awaited EP, Way Ahead and announced an international collaboration with American rapper YG. While the audience were rejoicing the moment that their favourite superstar was finally getting back to the game, Sidhu Moosewala uploaded an Instagram story, probably taking a dig at Karan Aujla.

There would hardly be someone calling himself a fan of Punjabi Music and not knowing that there have been countless rumours about a beef between Sidhu Moosewala and Karan Aujla. So when Karan put up an Instagram story, updating fans about Way Ahead, Sidhu put up a story “I don’t talk about Hollywood, Hollywood talks about me”.

The story came just a day after Karan Aujla’s update and there was no reason fans wouldn’t have connected it to the probable beef between the artists. What worked as a stamp mark was Karan Aujla’s minutes later Instagram story. Karan put up a story saying “Stop talking now, because that’s all you do”.

He also put up a follow up story saying that there was no competition, he was way ahead! If this wasn’t it, Sidhu Moosewala immediately came up with another story, saying that ‘you’ are right. There is no competition. There never was.

The fans have been closely noticing this online exchange of messages between the artists and speculating that the two have probably indulged in a beef. The two are undoubtedly some of the biggest global superstars the industry has ever produced but they haven’t been on good terms since the beginning of their careers. This exchange also makes the audience believe that the two could now even release diss tracks against each other.

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