Karan Aujla Wore A Wrist Watch Worth 30 Lakh INR Making His Outfit’s Overall Cost Mind Boggling

Karan Aujla Wore A Wrist Watch worth 30 Lakh INR Making His Outfit’s Overall Cost Mind Boggling

Karan Aujla without any second thought is not only talented but an extremely stylish celebrity of Punjabi Music Industry. We are absolutely stunned by the fact that he manages to look so perfect and presentable in each of his music videos. Yes we know there is a particular style team working to make sure he looks good but we believe it’s more about his personality which makes every outfit and style stand out. 

Though his outfits and look look very appealing but they might blow your mind if you get to know their real cost. And this is exactly what has happened to us when we got to know that Karan Aujla’s recent outfit costs more than 30,00,000/- INR. 

We got to know about this from the recent Instagram post of PB Fits in which they divided and provided the detailed info about Aujla’s stunning outfit. In the picture Karan is seen wearing a black logo printed hoodie by Amiri Bandana and its cost is $1,161 i.e. equal to 86,697 INR. With it he is seen wearing glasses from Cartier horns white buffs costing $2,649 that is equal to 1,97,717 INR. And this is not all, because the show stealer was his wrist watch which costs a total of 30 lakh INR. He wore Cartier Santos Two Tone Iced Out worth $40,018. 


All this combined and made Aujla’s complete look worth $44,018 i.e. 32,84,414/- INR. This cost is not only mind boggling, but equally fascinating. 

You can check out and follow PB Fits on Instagram where they regularly share the details about the outfits of your favourite celebrities. 

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