Karan Aujla’s Album BTFU Trends #6 On Spotify Top Debut Album Charts

It is not something new to see Karan Aujla in the top world charts. With his latest album BTFU, Karan Aujla is currently ruling major Top Albums Charts of the world. After trending on the Apple Music and Itunes Top Albums Charts in over 20 countries, Karan Aujla’s album is now trending on Spotify too.

BTFU is currently trending on the #6 position on Spotify’s Top Debut Albums Charts. Interestingly, it is the only Indian album in the Top 10. The list ranks the most trending debut albums all over the world and Karan Aujla has booked himself a spot on the list. Spotify uploaded a post on their official Instagram handle to reveal the rankings.

Karan Aujla had taken a long time to release the BTFU album. It was preceded by months of wait and then finally, the whole album was dropped on 15 September, though only the audio versions of the songs. While the audios were enough to rule over worldwide charts, it wasn’t late when Karan Aujla announced the third music video from the album.

Through an Instagram post, the superstar announced the music video of ‘Here & There’, one of the most loved songs on the album, to be released on 23 September 2021. It is going to be the third music video after Chu Gon Do ? and Click That B Kickin It.

Karan Aujla Announces The Official Music Video Release Of ‘Here And There’ Song From Album BTFU

BTFU and Karan Aujla are all over Apple Music, Itunes and now, Spotify charts. Further by releasing the music videos of the album songs one by one, the star would soon be ruling over Youtube charts too!

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