Laut Aana Review: This Karan Aujla’s Track Won’t Let Heartbroken People Move On So Easily

We were waiting and it is finally here! The first ever Hindi track by Karan Aujla is now out on every platform. Laut Aana featuring Karan Aujla and Tanu Grewal has been one of the much anticipated songs since its announcement a few months ago. The reason behind the excitement was unquestionably Karan Aujla and that this is the first Hindi song in Aujla’s voice. 

While we all were still figuring out how Karan Aujla puts his soul in writing the heartbreaking lines in Punjabi songs, he dropped the latest, Laut Aana in Hindi. Not gonna lie, we were somewhere doubting as to what will be the result, as we have never heard Aujla singing a Hindi track before, but when this came out, we were surprised. 

Laut Aana is beautifully accompanied by the intro-outro shayaris that Karan has penned and has conveyed a deep sense through them. The composition of the song makes it go straight to our tongue and the lyrics are sensational, without any further question. We would not be surprised if you randomly start singing ‘Tera Laut Aana Bhi Bura Nahi, Tera Chhod Jaana Bhi Accha Tha’, throughout the day. 

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Female lead Tanu Grewal, on the other hand, beautifully portrayed the role of a girl who is being cheated on by her man. Her expressions poured much emotion into the music video and her eventual scene made Tanu an eye grabber. Laut Aana is the fourth song of Karan Aujla and Tanu Grewal together. 

Music has been amazingly handled by Avvy Sra who has previously proved efficient with Haan Haige Aa by Karan Aujla. The song has been released under DRJ Records and the video of Laut Aana is done by Amanninder Singh who has done a prolific job in presenting the best visuals on screen. 

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Laut Aana has given us more hopes to expect more of Karan Aujla’s hindi songs in the coming time. This one has already made its space in our playlist, what about you? 

Listen to the song here, in case you haven’t.

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