Not Only Netizens, Alia Bhatt Also Wants Karan Johar To Stop Talking About Her In Koffee With Karan

Karan Johar’s popular celebrity chat show Koffee With Karan has recently wrapped its season 7. The show was 13 episodes long and concluded with a twist; Koffee With Karan Awards. The last episode was attended by popular social media influencers Tanmay Bhat, Kusha Kapila, Niharika NM and Danish Sait.

The four social media celebrities went on to roast Karan Johar and discuss the season of Koffee With Karan with the host himself. And just like the last 12 episodes, in this last episode also, Alia Bhatt was the centre of attraction. 

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Tanmay Bhat initiated the Alia Bhatt discussion by taking a dig at Karan Johar’s obsession with nepotism in Bollywood and Alia. He throws a hilarious but sharp statement at Karan by saying, “Listen Karan, she’s pregnant you got a new person to launch, we get it.”

To this, Karan jumps in to rescue himself and reveals his obsession with Alia is not because of Nepotism. He in fact, also revealed that even Alia Bhatt herself has asked him to stop talking about her on the show. Karan said, “Oh no, that’s not why. I have to be very aware because honestly Alia and I had a chat about this. She’s like, ‘Karan, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but you have to stop talking about me’. I’m like okay it has come from the horse’s mouth herself so I’ve to shut the f*** up about it.”

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KJo then also brought up the trending meme fest which was initiated by his jacket in one of the KWK episodes. He stated, “I even wore a jacket the other day that said ‘Italia’ and everyone just said I had Alia written on it. I have reached a point where I’m wearing a jacket by her name.”

Meanwhile, Karan also didn’t lose the chance to say, “Alia is really lovely. Nothing related to her and I bring her name up. I get it.” 

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Kusha Kapila stepped in the discussion and threw another shot at Karan Johar. Kusha addressed Karan’s desire to only see and hear Alia Bhatt’s name as the best Indian Actress. Kusha asked, “A lot of times her name is also mentioned because you want to know who’s the top actor or actress in the country. We know the name you want to hear. Who do you think it is and why do you think it’s Alia Bhatt?”

To this, Karan replied by saying, “I really think it’s Alia Bhatt but I shouldn’t say anymore. If I say anymore then I’m making this entire discussion counterproductive. Okay, let’s swear on Instagram, shall we? (Keeping his hand on his phone) I promise from here on Koffee With Karan I will keep Alia Bhatt’s mentions to a bare minimum.”

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