Koffee With Karan: KJo Reveals Actors Request Him To Edit Out Their Controversial Statements

Karan Johar started his film journey career as an assistant in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. But he has now become a successful filmmaker, show host, reality TV show judge and a lot more. He is one of the most prominent personalities of contemporary Bollywood. 

Currently, he is in all the limelight for the release of the awaited season 7 of his popular chat show Koffee With Karan. Since celebrities open up about their personal and professional lives while sitting next to Karan Johar, they sometimes speak out about stuff which might ignite an ugly fight or controversy.


We have had enough examples of the same from the previous seasons of Koffee With Karan. Various celebrities went on to say really nasty or controversial statements on the KJo show. And there are times when Karan had to get into the ongoing fight to get things sorted. 

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Talking about the same, Karan shared, “Many times, it has happened that I had to step in to douse the fire after rapid-fire. I remember when Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone came to the show and spoke whatever they had to, Chintu ji (Rishi Kapoor) was very upset. I had to step in to make things all right. I have shows banned and taken off the air, which I felt terrible for.”

It’s not only this! Did you expect that there are celebrities who actually call Karan Johar and request him to chop off what they said? Well, that’s true, and Karan Johar himself has spilled the beans about the same. Many times Karan himself sat on the edit table and removed the bits which would lead to catfights.

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He shared, “I have had times where I have actually edited comments made on the show by celebs before the telecast because I felt that it would land up in trouble. Many times actors have called me directly requesting to cut something that they have said as a slip of tongue. I have done this because for me relationships come before everything.”

Yes, we know this is surprising, but as it is said, we never know what goes behind the screens.

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