‘I’m Not Involved, Neither I Was Arrested’: Kartar Cheema Defends In Latest Controversy With NSUI State President

Punjabi actor Kartar Cheema was recently dragged into unwanted trouble when news of his arrest made headlines. It was reported that he was arrested by Amritsar Police for investigation, but now the actor has also put forward his side of the story.

Starting with the controversy, Akshay Sharma, the state president of NSUI (National Student Union of India) had filed a complaint against Cheema for threatening him. 

In the complaint, Akshay accused Kartar Cheema of not returning his money. He stated that Kartar had borrowed almost 25 lakh INR from him for a film and is holding the money for more than 2 years now. Akshay also stated that when he asked Kartar for returning his money, the actor threatened him and also made Canada based gangster Goldy Brar threaten him through phone calls.

The news went viral on social media in no time and Kartar Cheema was in the headlines of many news portals. 


But now, to put forward his side of the story Kartar Cheema recently held a live session on Instagram. In it, the actor talked about how fake allegations are being made against him and more. He started by stating that he belongs to a good family, and is ready for any kind of investigation. Kartar said, ‘The people who want to can check my previous records and I guarantee that I have not been involved in any such case.’

Kartar also expressed his disappointment on how this news was released just to grab attention and publicity when Punjab and its people are already dealing with so much pain. He referred to the demise of Sidhu Moosewala and said that some people are trying to take publicity benefits out of this situation.

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Kartar also went on to agree that the call recording that is going viral now is almost a year old and he doesn’t know why that is made public now. ‘If the people wished to get back the money and if there was any such case, why did they wait for almost 2-3 years? why was this issue not brought to notice before?’, said Kartar Cheema. 


In the video, he also bashed the media for cooking and serving factless stories to common people. He revealed, Police took him with them to keep him safe, but meanwhile, the media made up and released the arrest stories. 

In the live session, he is seen demanding justice and a proper investigation. He clearly has stated that he is not involved in any such controversy and has never made Goldy Brar threaten Akshay Sharma on calls.
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For now, no official conclusion to this case and controversy has come out from the law or officials. But the story from both sides is out in public, and everyone is waiting for the outcome that will be revealed after the investigation is completed.

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