Kashmiri Journalist, Faraz Ashraf Alleges ‘Shershaah’ Makers For Using His Vehicle’s Plate Number

Kashmiri Journalist, Faraz Ashraf Alleges ‘Shershaah’ Makers For Using His Vehicle’s Plate Number

Quite a few times bollywood movies have been controversial to such a mark that they even got dragged into the court for legal actions. One such latest film is ‘Shershaah’, which was released on OTT in August this year. The film is doing well and received applause from the audience but what made the makers worried lately? It is, a scribe from Indian administered Kashmir, Faraz Ashraf, 22, who alleges that the makers of the film have used the exact license plate number vehicle as that of him. 

Ashraf has a background in film studies and is a journalist by passion who reviews movies for his publication. When he watched ‘Shershaah’ to review it too, he saw a terrorist’s car in a scene and noticed that the plate number of it was the same as that of his personal vehicle. Seeing that, he was first amused but then he got worried as the vehicle in the movie with the same number is driven by the terrorists, which could probably make him look like a threat. 

“There are many propaganda movies in Bollywood that show Kashmiris collectively as terrorists,” Faraz, who is taking this case to the high court, said, as per the reports. “But here, my actual car number was portrayed to show a terrorist’s car.” 

In one of the scenes from the film, Shershaah, the number plate of the terrorist’s car is clearly visible which shows militants coming out and firing at the Indian soldiers who were on duty. “I am a journalist myself and I travel to other cities for work purposes in my car. The company should be held responsible. With what’s happening in our region, this is very sensitive”, adds Ashraf, who took the case legally to the court of law.

Dharma Productions, the production house of the movie, has not yet responded to the request to comment on this matter. “It is very irresponsible for such a big media house to have done this”, the victim includes. 

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