‘Katrina Spoke Only In Punjabi’, Vicky’s Cousin Reveals A Lot More About The Grand Wedding

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal made their wedding official by sharing dreamy pictures on social media. Everyone kept this wedding so private and didn’t make any revelations of the duo’s marriage but now as the wedding is over, everyone including the couple’s family is giving sneak peak of the marriage. 

Now that official photos from their wedding are out, Vicky’s cousin, Upasana Vohra, shared inside deets from Vicky and Katrina’s wedding. But what surprised us the most was when we heard Katrina spoke only in Punjabi throughout her wedding.

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Upasana satiated netizens’ curiosity by answering a few questions about the wedding. One of the users asked Upasana, ‘How’s the family of Katrina ma’am?’ She replied, ‘Her family is very good. All were amazing.’ A person also asked, ‘Did Katrina Kaif speak Punjabi at the wedding?’ She replied, ‘Yes. Throughout the wedding, she is only speaking Punjabi.’


Upsana has also shared pictures of their fort room. She shared photos of her room and the scenic view from the balcony.

Image Source: India TV
Image Source: India TV
Image Source: India TV
Image Source: India TV

Moreover, she also learned Punjabi and hired a private tutor. And now it seems like the actress is successful in achieving this as she undoubtedly has won the hearts of Vicky’s family and friends. She also remembered every guest’s name and Vicky’s family was happy that they all stayed together in the same house.

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