Kaur B Hints At Her Upcoming Collaboration With Jaani and SukhE Muzical Doctorz

New and exciting collaborative tracks announcements are made very oftenly in the Punjabi industry. Kaur B too recently posted a picture with Dilpreet Dhillon and another one with Jordan Sandhu which forced the fans to take a hint at if they are coming up with some collaboration in future. But Kaur B did not make any official announcement regarding any projects with either Jordan Sandhu or Dilpreet Dhillon. 

Freshly, singer Kaur B uploaded a picture with renowned lyricist Jaani and captioned it as ‘KaurB-Jaani-SukhE, Soon’ which is enough for the fans to get excited as she almost confirmed an upcoming track with the duo. It will be the first ever collaboration of this trio & is expected to be super amazing as three of them are best in their fields and are individually known for some superhit songs. 

Whereas, Jaani did not update anything related to this project as he has deactivated and deleted his social media accounts a few weeks back to take a break from social media. But we expect whatever the collaboration is, it will come out to be a fire one. SukhE, who will be giving music to this forthcoming project, also deactivated his social media but was back after a few months. 

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Kaur B, posting the photo, attached her Youtube channel link to it too and it is probably possible that this track will be released on her official Youtube channel. She has previously released ‘Nakhre vs Guns’ with Khan Bhaini, ‘Jutti Kasur Di’ and more on her channel. Expectations from this project are very high as it will be exciting to see Jaani, SukhE and Kaur B together for the first time. 

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